Anthony Vincent

Face of Ten Second Songs

My name is Anthony, and I'm a musical artist from New York. For those of you who are new to my work, I started a company called Ten Second Songs and have spent the last two years creating personalized songs and jingles for businesses and individuals alike. Though it is still a brand new Youtube Chanel (founded March 2014), it has grown exponentially over this short period of time. I ORIGINALLY created a YouTube channel to promote Ten Second Songs and Yes, that's right, I have been singing Jingles for online businesses, podcasts and making Happy Birthday greetings as a main gig all along.

My very first idea, intending to showcase my various production styles, was to preform a popular song in 20 styles. Katy Perry's Dark Horse was my first attempt. Amazingly enough, its received over 30,000,000 accumulated video views, four 20 Style Cover Songs, and over 800,000 subscribers. I think it's safe to say my intentions have since changed.

You all seem to really love this content and I want to create it more frequently for my followers. The success of "Dark Horse" video opened up an opportunity to work full-time on all of the music projects I have been dreaming of releasing for over ten years now.

The entire TSS team over here, in New York, are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to share our love of music with you. Whether it be in the recreation of classic and/or Top 40 songs, or through the original music we pour our hearts and souls into daily! I can't wait to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes! Thank you for taking this ride with me - it's good to have you aboard!